Brisket and Tofu Pho

Lucy's Pho

Brisket and Tofu Pho

A different take on traditional Pho.

Eat in NYC's Review rating 6/10

Lucy's Kitchen a quaint restaurant in Bushwick serving Vietnamese cuisine.

Quantity and Quality: To start off with, if you're looking for authentic Vietnamese cuisine I wouldn't choose this place.  However, being non-traditional the food isn't bad but it's definitely different. When I say non-traditional, I mean Pho doesn't usually have bok choy in it, nor does it have mushrooms or brisket in it. The brisket really added a great and new dynamic to the pho and complimented the soup well, unfortunately they don't have regular traditional pho beef, meatballs, or tripe to add to the authenticity. The bok choy adds to the visual plating of the dish and adds pop and aesthetic to the dish, however is more of a garnish and doesn't compliment the flavor at least of what a person would expect for pho. The quantity of noodles was below average on both dishes. The tofu pho was very savory and flavorful and had most of the same qualities as the brisket pho since they both use the same vegetable broth. Rating 6/10

Staff: The staff was a bit dismissive and once you have your food, don't expected much more service. Rating 5/10

Sanitation: Normal, the restaurant was clean, there's no restrooms for customers so make sure you're prepared before you make a visit.  Rating 7/10 (no restroom)

Wait time: Wait time for your meal doesn’t isn’t long and usually not longer than ten minutes. Rating 8/10

Atmosphere:  Lucy's kitchen is small and is a tight fit, but that's not usually a problem unless there’s more than 6 people dining in or if you have an issue with sharing a table.  Rating 6/10 (Too many customers and you won’t get a seat)

Price: Cost of food is a little above average ranging from 10$ for tofu pho to 14$ for brisket pho and a pricey 14$ for a brisket bahn mi sandwich. However, since there’s not too many more options in the area, there’s not much competition. Rating 5/10

 Overall Lucy's Kitchen receives a rating of 6/10. If you're looking for pho, but don't mind a non-tradition take on it give Lucy's Kitchen a visit!