Tonkotsu Ramen

Ichiran ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

Quiet & relaxing dining at Ichiran.

Ichiran is a popular authentic ramen restaurant from Japan. Ichiran is unique known for its silent booths which are separated by walls for privacy. Once you’re seated speaking isn’t even necessary. You’re traditionally greeted in Japanese and given a ticket which you can customize your ramen, from broth strength to the amount of garlic, spiciness, and noodle density. Once you’re done eating and still have room for more you can order a refill of noodles called “kae-dama”. Packaged ramen is even available for purchase if you would like to make your own Ichiran ramen at home.

Quantity and Quality: The ramen at Ichiran is authentic and exquisite. Ichiran specializes in tonkotsu which is a pork bone-based soup broth. The customizability of your ramen all depends on the customer. The broth is rich, savory and light, and the texture of the noodles have just the right firmness both which are customizable. You have the option to add extra chashu (sliced pork), seaweed, egg and sliced kikurage (a black Chinese mushroom).

Staff: The staff at Ichiran value privacy and solitude. The staff are very nice, and once you are seated and greeted there is a call button used to call on staff which is very common for restaurants in japan.

Rating 9/10

Sanitation: The restaurant was very clean, and the bathrooms were kept in good condition for each visit I made.

 Rating 10/10

Wait time: Wait time for your meal doesn’t isn’t long and is usually less than ten minutes.

Rating 10/10

Atmosphere:  Ichiran is a large restaurant with a very relaxing and quiet atmosphere. Solitude is emphasized at Ichiran, each customer is seated at a walled booth. On the other side of the restaurant are tables for groups and families. Ichiran is a great option if you’re looking for a relaxing and peaceful meal.

Rating 10/10

Price: Cost of ramen at Ichiran is steep. Apparently due to importing some ingredients from Japan, and the cost of quality ingredients in Brooklyn. The cost of a classic tonkotsu ramen at Ichiran is $18.90, that’s without additional toppings which can easily add to the price. However, Ichiran is a no tipping establishment which lessens the pricey meal. Price is the only negative complaint I have about Ichiran, and I do think it’s overpriced even for such a great meal.

Rating 1/10

 Overall Lucy's Kitchen receives a rating of 8/10. If you're looking great authentic ramen and solitude, but don’t mind paying the high prices then Ichiran is the place for you.

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